Wifi Analytics

Footfall and passes-by counting Footfall and passes-by counting is an analytics solution that measures inside and outside traffic primarily using two types of technologies – Video Analytics or Wi-Fi Analytics. For Video analytics, webcam sensors are mounted in shop window to measure how many people are passing in front of this camera (passes-by counter/outside traffic) or zenithal cameras to measure entries to the store. For Wi-Fi Analytics, Wi-Fi sensors are installed in entry area to track Wi-Fi-enabled devices and detect their location to estimate the traffic inside and outside the area to be measured.

Zone Analytics Zone analytics refers to the information about customers’ behaviour in different zones of the store. In this measurement is used Wi-Fi technology that allows to extract narrow space from a large surface. The estimation about customer’ behaviour is based on observation of mobile devices’ movements, for instance – how many devices were held in a zone, and how many of them only passed across.