Healthcare Solutions

Positive patient outcomes are at the heart of hospital patient care.
Constant collaboration and coordination among your clinicians is one key to delivering safe, effective patient care. So is a barcode-based positive patient ID system that supports your efforts to keep patient safety the first priority.
  • Admissions

    Positive patient identification starts at hospital admissions where you print and apply the patient's barcode wristband. With MaliaTec healthcare solutions, you can start each patient's hospital experience with confidence.

  • Bedside Point of Care

    Patient safety demands accurate, positive patient, medication and specimen identification. To dramatically reduce errors and improve staff productivity, barcode scanning and labeling needs to begin at the patient bedside.

  • Medication Administration

    WoW carts and mobile hand-held devices are commonly used for the Meds Admin workflow. MaliaTec technologies revolutionize the way nurses verify medications at the bedside.

  • Specimen Collection

    Mislabeled specimens are a leading source of medical errors. The primary cause? Printing specimen labels away from the bedside. To increase efficiency while decreasing errors, see MaliaTec’s latest bedside printing solutions.

  • Laboratory

    Specimens are often the key to diagnosis, so ensuring an accurate specimen-to-patient relationship is essential. That’s why once specimens are in the lab, the demands for accurate tracking increases as your technician’s process samples.

  • Pharmacy

    Unit dose drug distribution demands electronic verification that you package the right medication for the right patient. Properly labeling unit doses and custom IV formularies with barcodes is key to a safe medication administration workflow.

  • Supply Tracking

    Using barcodes to accurately track the use of medical supplies is key to real-time delivery of care. Out of stock issues compromise your ability to provide effective and efficient care, and pull caregivers away from their patients.

Key Benefits

  • Provide better care
  • Reduce errors
  • Accurate health tracking
  • Increase bedside efficiency
  • Minimize out of stock issues
  • Improve staff productivity
  • Increase efficiency
  • Deliver safe patient care
  • Accurate medicine labeling