In critical, volatile situations, there’s no margin for error.
Instant communication and access to critical information is essential to making informed decisions and responding as quickly and effectively as possible. Yet budgets decline. Demand for service increases. And government organizations are challenged every day to do more with less. Optimize your workflow performance with smarter, connected solutions from MaliaTec.
  • e-Citation Solutions

    An electronic-citation system equips you to increase the number of citations issued while reducing the time needed to create and process them. MaliaTec e-Citation applications also improve citation accuracy and, therefore, collections.

  • Law Enforcement/Public Safety

    To reduce their risk in potentially dangerous situations, Police officers need instant access to vehicle and warrant information. The solution: Our scalable, wireless platform. It enables real-time, silent communication between police headquarters and mobile units.

  • Public Service and Logistics

    Effective fleet management is essential to the armed forces and municipalities such as fire, police, sanitation and parks departments. Now you can better predict and schedule maintenance – and much more – with our integrated solutions.

  • National, State & Local Gov’t

    From safeguarding its citizens to protecting property, all levels of government are under pressure to deliver high quality services with limited financial resources. We can help you meet your mission-critical obligations while reducing operational costs.

Key Benefits

  • Faster communications
  • Access critical information
  • Better decision making