MaliaTec equips you to build more effective selling, merchandising and delivery operations, driving top and bottom line results and a lower TCO.
That's the value you'll get from a truly connected workforce. With over a decade of DSD solutions leadership, our expertise is reflected in a complete DSD solution of hardware, software and life cycle services for your organization.
  • Dairy

    As a perishable distributor, minimizing out of stocks and excess inventory while driving increased sales is essential. MaliaTec SFA solution will assist you in determining future orders by suggesting the right product based on historical sales data.

  • Hotels, Restaurants and Café

    On time and accurate deliveries are critical in the fast turn bar and restaurant business. MaliaTec solutions enable dynamic routing, scanning at receipt and secure signature capture to ensure you have what you need, when you need it.

  • Cosmetics & Hair Care Products

    Merchandising is key for FMCG products. MaliaTec DSD solutions ensure product is on the shelf, priced accurately and displayed properly to maximize your sales.

  • Bakeries

    Product availability and freshness are keys to successful sales in the bakeries business model. MaliaTec DSD solutions provide on time, accurate deliveries with proper stock rotation and pricing to ensure your customers’ satisfaction.

  • Gas Stations

    Route drivers have a lot to do: restock machines, rotate inventory, remove unsellable products, change products and handle cash. MaliaTec DSD solutions provide the tools to simplify these complicated processes and drive increased route sales.

  • CPG

    DSD processes for consumer packaged goods companies are responsible for over 20% of grocery volume and 50% of store profits. MaliaTec solutions maximize workflow efficiencies for route drivers’ sales, merchandising and delivery processes.

  • Home Delivery

    Accurate loading, asset management and dynamic routing capabilities are very important to maintaining profits in home delivery. MaliaTec DSD solutions provide real-time capabilities for these workflows to maximize your use of equipment and personnel.

  • Bottled Water

    Merchandising is key for high volume, high velocity products. MaliaTec DSD solutions ensure product is on the shelf, priced accurately and displayed properly to maximize your sales.

  • Cigarettes and Tobacco

    Meeting the entire processing requirement set forth by the industry specific tobacco manufacturers is vital. MaliaTec DSD solutions help you register daily or weekly sales and inventory activity, ensuring maximum sales efficiency.

  • Mobile Phones & Consumer Electronics

    Promoting is key for the electronics sales. MaliaTec DSD solutions helps collecting prime market research information, and secures a more effective introduction of new products.

  • Household & Cleaning Items

    With the increasing number of product choices; pricing and promotions help recruit new accounts and protect existing customers. MaliaTec DSD solutions feature an extensive set of pricing and promotions models, giving sales representatives a flexible tool to manage the most demanding customer relationship.

  • Beverages & Drinks (Non-Alcohol and Alcohol)

    Merchandising is key for Beverages & drinks sales. MaliaTec DSD solutions ensure product is on the shelf, priced correctly and displayed accurately to get the best out of your sales.

Key Benefits

  • Drive sales
  • Overcome challenges
  • Cut cost
  • Increase management control
  • Enhance inventory management
  • Manage complex promotions
  • Increase productivity
  • Improve decision making
  • Secure data